Jesus Christ

Birth and death are part of life

How do we experience birth and death?

We experience by watching

As we do today

We see those who come into life

And those who leave life

But the question is

Where do they come from

And where do they go

And how can we experience our own birth and death


Through Jesus Christ

We can witness our own birth and death

By looking in the Bible


Who was present at the birth of Christ?

Which happened here on earth

His mother who delivered him

Then his father joined them

The three wise men paid homage

And the star that led them there

These witnessed his birth


We can also see his death

Which took place on a cross

This earth

Who witnessed that?

Many people did and wrote about it

His mother was there

Mary Magdalene was there

His disciple was there


Now the question is

Who will appear to witness his second coming?

In this lifetime, on this earth now

Who can experience that

Rising from the dead

And returning to the living

Christ has experienced that

He is here now

And he is within you now

He never lost consciousness

Never lost sight of who he was



Author: Krista

One with Christ

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