Glory of God

Art: Guardian Angel by Cortona


We find bits of God here and there

And they all add up to him

If we see all these bits and pieces of him over time

We can see how they all fit together

But we have gradually, over time,

Picked up these bits and pieces

And so it has been a gradual process

To be able to grasp this totality of him

Little bits at a time

First we take baby steps


To see the totality of all this–

All we see in this world

Would have been too overwhelming to grasp at once

Like a child grows, we grow and learn over time

But cannot possibly grasp all at once


But I felt overwhelmed

When God’s grace did come to me

Like a newborn

Who is able to grasp the understanding

Of a wise old man who has seen it all


Born with all that experience behind me

Yet new and full of wonder and awe

At the glory he has given me

And all I had to do

Was let go of everything I knew

And grab onto Christ

Author: Krista

One with Christ

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