Servant of God

He serves me

And I serve him

We are a team

But one is within

And one without

I just cannot tell the difference

We are one

In sync

Working as a team together

The spirit and its nature

In harmony

Living together

As one


Author: Krista

One with Christ

One thought on “Servant of God”

  1. Something too many name Christians seem to forget, that we should be one in Christ like he too is one with God and wants to be one with us. Lots of people calling themselves Christians think Jesus is God be cause the Bible speaks about the oneness of him and God. At the same time they do not see how the Bible speaks about the same oneness for the servants of God, the gods (angels, Moses, prophets and/or messengers of God) and the lovers of God and followers of Christ.

    Let us hope and pray for getting more people to become one with Christ and one with God, in purity and honesty, for the glory of Christ and for the glory of God.


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