The Least is the Greatest

There is the seed

And that within the seed

Which is greater


There is the soul

And that within the soul

Which is greater


Within the seed is the forest

Within the soul is the Spirit

Which is greater


The least is the greatest

They are the same

The only difference is time



Author: Krista

One with Christ

7 thoughts on “The Least is the Greatest”

      1. That is hard to explain, therefore I write poetry, but I am sure there are many articles out there on this topic. However, in my experience, It is like being taken into the divine, the eternal, that which was before time, becoming that, and seeing life from then on from a different point of view, one that includes all times, one that was before time. I hope that makes sense. If you read my “About” page, I explain how this happened to me. Thank you so much for reading!


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