Christ Consciousness

Beyond all

Is Christ

Pure consciousness

The one who knows

Who he is


Corinth 13:12

“…but then shall I know even as also I am known.”


Hero or Adversary

Every story has a hero or heroine
And an adversary
And the story is written
Within a time and a place

And the story line is such that
Said hero or heroine
Must overcome the adversary
To save the world

Or maybe the story is such that
The hero must overcome
The adversary
To save the heroine

The Bible is such a story
The hero is Jesus Christ
And he came to save the world
To set us free from sin
The adversary

David slew Goliath with a stone
Daniel survived the lion’s den
And Christ overcame the world

We are either the hero
Or the adversary

If Christ is with us
Who can be against us

I John 4:5
“…because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Spirit of Christ

Art: The Holy Spirit by Waiting for the word

True love is beyond

Space and time

It is beyond our thoughts

Beyond our mind


For love is not of the world

But is in the world

Love is Christ’s gift to us


His spirit is ours

It is eternal

And never fades

With time


True love is the union

Between you and

Your true self

The spirit of Christ


Romans 8:9

“Now if any man have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of his.”