The World

What is our greatest challenge

And who is our worthy opponent


To overcome the world

For we are not of the world

We are of the spirit


St. John 16:33

“…but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”


The Law

When something

Does not adhere

To physical laws

Then it is ruled

By another law

A higher order

A law which includes

All the other laws

But not bound by them

A spiritual law

That which transcends time

The Word of God is the law

When the law catches up

To the transgressor

There is no more transgression

Then the law is established

Christ the Master

A true master

Takes you to the point

Where you realize

You are God

To the point

Where you transcend

Beyond yourself

To something

Far greater than yourself


As a master

Christ shows us the way

To that realization

Of becoming one with God

Likewise the Holy Spirit

Is a teacher

Who brings us to the point

We realize we are Christ

Who is God