I am surrounded by light

Though remain shrouded in darkness

The light being that which surrounds me—life

Who is Christ;

That darkness wherein I dwell

That being my physical body

True love goes deep to find the one who is true




The light is the raw essence of our being

From which everything was built on, the beginning

When we stand at the beginning of time

Everything is behind us

We are the light

That which reflects on the darkness of nothing

The light brings the darkness to reality

The light exposes all that is covered by darkness

Lamb of God

Now Jesus is the good shepherd. 

He leaves his entire flock to find one lost sheep. 

We can see this two ways: 


The shepherd leaves his flock to find the lost sheep.

He is gone for what seems like forever. 

He finally finds the lost sheep. 

He picks him up and turns around to go home,

And there is his entire flock,

Those who followed him,

Those who were looking for him. 


Or we can say,

He left his entire flock to find the lost sheep,

But luckily for him,

When he opened the gate,

He found the lamb was just outside the gate,

And he brought him into the fold. 

Who then was lost? 

None were lost. 


But the question remains,

Are we the lost lamb—

The one who struck out on his own,

Jesus Christ–the shepherd who follows him to find him,

Or the flock that followed Jesus Christ? 


There are those who come before Christ,

Those who follow,

And those who walk with him through time. 

We are all these.


The nursery rhyme holds true:


“Mary had a little lamb

Its fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go.


It followed her to school one day

Which was against the rules.

It made the children laugh and play

To see a lamb at school.


And so the teacher turned it out

But still it lingered near

And waited patiently about

Till Mary did appear


Why does the lamb love Mary so?

The eager children cry

Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know

The teacher did reply.”



Wave and particle

When we watch

It acts like a particle

Because we see what we are


If we don’t look

It acts like a wave


So it is a wave

Acting like a particle


Just like

I am a wave

Pretending to be a particle


But I know I am a wave


Like I am pretending to be this body

But I am not

I am pure energy

I only appear as mass


I am not who I appear to be

But if I showed you who I was

Your mind could not comprehend it


But your spirit knows it is true

The least shall be the greatest

Because it is the source

Jesus Christ

Birth and death are part of life

How do we experience birth and death?

We experience by watching

As we do today

We see those who come into life

And those who leave life

But the question is

Where do they come from

And where do they go

And how can we experience our own birth and death


Through Jesus Christ

We can witness our own birth and death

By looking in the Bible


Who was present at the birth of Christ?

Which happened here on earth

His mother who delivered him

Then his father joined them

The three wise men paid homage

And the star that led them there

These witnessed his birth


We can also see his death

Which took place on a cross

This earth

Who witnessed that?

Many people did and wrote about it

His mother was there

Mary Magdalene was there

His disciple was there


Now the question is

Who will appear to witness his second coming?

In this lifetime, on this earth now

Who can experience that

Rising from the dead

And returning to the living

Christ has experienced that

He is here now

And he is within you now

He never lost consciousness

Never lost sight of who he was



There is pure consciousness

And the embodiment of pure consciousness

These cannot exist separately


To know consciousness

One must become consciousness


We cannot see the spiritual without the physical

And both are meaningless

Until they come together in the mind of God

That being the state of consciousness

Then do we see they are the same thing

And that we are consciousness

The nature of Christ


To know Christ

We must become him

I am that


He drew me and I fought

I would not let go and leave all this

I would not

I fought and screamed

Only tiring myself out

And he stood calm

And just sat drawing me

Ever so closer with his presence

Not saying a word

My eyes grew heavy

And the light grew dim

Until the very last slit of light

Faded as my eyes closed

And my body fell to sleep

He won me over

He lured me

I fighting all the way

But now I enter sleep

And find it the most delightful place to be

For although sleep overtook me

I am not asleep

That is the glory

Of making a dream come true