Lamb of God

All my life

The Bible has been

A presence in my home


First as a child

We had a huge KJV

And although I could not read

I loved looking at the pictures

And I loved hearing the stories

My Dad told us


Then my grandparents

Gave me my own Bible as a gift

When I was 16

And I vowed to read it before I died

And 17 years later

I finished it


So all my life

The lamb he gave me to feed

I fed him the word of God

Until he ate it all up

And was full


Then did my lord

Come for his lamb


The lamb is my flock

The one he put in my care


St. John 21:15

“…He said unto him, Feed my lambs.”



Word of God

The Bible allows us

To look back through time


From sin to salvation

It is written from

Another perspective

For the author

Would have to see it all first

Then tell the story

Through those who were living

At the time 


We can see those 

Who came before us

And they can  see us

Through the Word of God

Time of Christ

The Bible was a time

Set aside from all times

But now has come

To encompass all times


What was once

Excluded from time

Comes to include all times


It is the time of Christ


Family Tree

The Bible is our family tree

The word of God

We all came from the two

In the beginning

And these two were one flesh


We are all related

By blood

The blood of Christ

We are the blood of Christ

His body

His family

His heart

His love

His soul

His glory

We are here

For a family reunion



Art: The Holy Spirit by Waiting for the Word


I drew water from his well

The fountain of life

I drank from his cup of salvation


The Bible is the well

It is his cup

It is his portion



We are like books

We all have a story to tell

The Bible is the story of the life of Jesus Christ

The books of the Bible are chapters in his life

These together are the word of God

The kingdom of God

Those in which he lives

I am the Bible



We can see in the Bible
The rise and fall of consciousness
The fall in the garden
The rise of a savior
The story that consciousness
Brings to life