Birthing Christ Consciousness

{In collaboration with Amber at DiosRaw}

Birthing Christ Consciousness with every splinter of crucified ego

The Creator emerges from his shattered creation

To dunk his head into dual waters of revolving doors

Flowing with the river ever in search for the sea

Drawn to a beckoning of Spirit chasing and running echos

Giving way to the call of the wild, the hunter and the prey

Forgive them for they do not know what they do whispers my inner eye

That key opened the door to all the wonders of the world

To shed the layers of emotional karmic drama strewn across the planes of creation

By breaking through the walls of the conditioned mind, transcending time

For Christ’s garment of love has no seams

Each thread woven together as one forming a perfect tapestry

{In collaboration with Amber at DiosRaw}