We use all things created

In order to see the truth

They can become obstacles to us

Or stepping stones


When the foot of the divine

Steps on the head of the serpent

Then all obstacles are overcome

And the truth alone stands




My vision shows me

All I have created

All that surrounds me

All that I see

The illusion I created

Patterned after me


But my reality

The truth as I know it

That which we cannot see

We can know


And upon knowing reality

Then can I see

That the illusion created

Was patterned after

The reality that I know

Though I knew not

Until I saw the pattern


So we see through time

That the illusion is based on truth

And when the truth is perceived

The illusion comes to life

And there is no more time


Those who can’t see the truth

Believe the illusion to be real

But it is only a reflection,

Nothing compared to the glory

Of the master who created it



Our divine nature

Underlies our human nature

Therefore the divine

Will rise through the human

The creator through the created


The created cannot destroy the creator

But the creator can destroy what he created

Therein lies our salvation


Jesus Christ

Is a drop hidden in the ocean

Or is the ocean hidden in one drop


Am I hidden in Christ

Or is he hidden in me

He cannot hide

Where he is, I am


He is human and he is divine

He is the divinity in humanity

Creator in the created

Christ in me


Colossians 3:3

“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”