Divine Light

Our first nature is divine light

Put into motion by time

And through time becomes life


The divine nature becomes buried in time

So the deeper we go into time

The closer we get to the light


All through life

Memories upon memories

Are built on top of our divine nature

Becoming our second nature


But if we tear down

All memories ever created

By our second nature

We shall see our first nature

And all the memories

Become fragments of it


We have never been so deep in time

The light comes out of the darkness

It is the dawning of a new day




Those who lived first

Those who laid the foundation

Are buried deepest in time

The Divine

The two pillars of science

Are the theory of relativity

And quantum mechanics

And these cannot be reconciled

Because they leave out

The divine

The underlying foundation

Of all that we see


Beneath all that we see

Are the pillars

Of love and truth

Pillars of the divine

And these two

Cannot be separated


For they are

The mother and father

Of our very soul

Who is Jesus Christ

The glory of all