Author of Salvation

Only the author knows

The ending to the story

Until the story is made

Into a movie

The characters cast

And the story played out

On the big screen,

Everyone in the story

Knowing how it will end


Hebrews 5:9

“And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation, unto all them that obey him.”



What is the difference

Between two things


Between the physical

And the spiritual


One is temporal

The other eternal


One has form

The other formless


One we can see

One we cannot



These two are

Still the same


If we see a difference

Our perception

Is not aligned

With the eternal


What appears to be is not

For it is only temporary

What cannot be seen is real

And is eternal

The formless doesn’t change

Only the form it takes on




Spirit is formless

Until it takes a form

Remaining formless nevertheless

How can we measure

The depth or length or width

Of the formless

That is without boundaries


When the form falls away

There remains the formless

What we cannot see

What is eternal