Before any form

Of consciousness

There is pure



That without form

Came before

That which is form



What is the difference

Between two things


Between the physical

And the spiritual


One is temporal

The other eternal


One has form

The other formless


One we can see

One we cannot



These two are

Still the same


If we see a difference

Our perception

Is not aligned

With the eternal


There is consciousness

That is all

And it is pure

There are no levels

Not one above another


She underlies all forms

But remains formless and pure


When the form

And the formless

Become one

That is consciousness



At peace within herself

Although she retains a form


We cannot have one

Without the other


The forms she takes on

Are just altered states

Of consciousness


Consciousness wears

Many disguises


But consciousness herself

Cannot change

Only the form she takes on


She herself remains

Pure and formless

Untouched by all

That surrounds her