Family Tree

If we trace our path backwards
Through our family tree
We all end up in the same place

As we get closer to our origin
The paths start to merge
Until there is only one path
And only two who took that path
Out of the garden

Our family tree has many branches
The branches are the paths

Our family tree is like a map
And we find our way back home
By following the crumbs we left behind

The Bible is our family tree


Tree of Knowledge

The Shadow of Death by William Holman Hunt 1873

Of all the trees

In the garden

You may eat freely

But if you eat from

The tree of knowledge

You will die


It is not free

You will pay for that

With your life


And so she did

Being the mother of all life

They all died

So her savior could live


No sin

No savior

No story



On reflection of my life

I start here

Where I am now


According to the Bible,

If the creation story holds true

Which it will,

We can all trace our line

Back to the garden

To Adam and Eve

The first man and first woman

The only two never born

And these two are one


But further back

Before Eve

There was only Adam

Yet she was with him

A part of him

A rib, some say


So she was present

With him

Before she was

Taken from him

And made to appear

Separate from him


Before that

There was no Adam

Only the dust of the ground

Out of which the man was formed

And became a living soul

After receiving the breath of life


Before that there was light


Before that there was

Heaven and earth

And God who created them

What is seen and what is not

The form and the formless

The particle and the wave

And these two are one


And between the creation

Of heaven and earth

And the light

Was the spirit of God

She who was with him

In the beginning

Before the dividing time


Genesis 1:2

“The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”