Back to the Garden

When Adam and Eve
Left the garden
God went with them
And we can see
In the Bible stories
His continuous presence

God leads us
Through sin
To Christ
And Christ takes us
Back to the garden

St. Luke 23:43
“Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”


Family Tree

If we trace our path backwards

We all end up in the same place


As we get closer to our origin

The paths start to merge

Until there is only one path

And only two who took that path

Out of the garden


Our family tree has many branches

The branches are the paths


Our family tree is like a map

And we find our way back home

By following the crumbs we left behind


The Bible is our family tree


Mother of All Living

She is the mother

Of all living

But has never been born


She is the source

Of everyone

Who has ever lived


We can all trace our line

Back to our mother

And our father

In the garden

These two are one


She is never without

Her master, her lord,

Her husband

Always by his side

There cannot be

One without the other


So that which has never been born

Has given birth to all living

But she has no life of her own


She takes on the form of all living

The form and the formless

She and her husband


Genesis 2:18

“…It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.”


Tree of Knowledge

When I was looking in the Bible 

For the tree of knowledge

I became the Bible, literally

That came from the tree

That came from the earth

That came from the universe

That came from consciousness

That came from myself

Who gave life to the book

That being Jesus Christ

Who lives in the book


Now everything I see is him

Everyone I see is him


If she wouldn’t have eaten from the tree

We wouldn’t be here

No sin, no savior, no story

He put the tree in the garden

For our salvation

And it is happening now


Had she not eaten from the tree

Then she and her husband,

Who are one,

And God and the serpent

Could have just lived happily  ever after

In the garden