I am my master

He is the truth

And I the reflection of him

For the reflection is created by the truth

For it is a way to see the truth

But is only a reflection of it

And therefore not real

Truth alone is reality

The illusion used to perceive it

Does not exist


That which reveals the truth

Ceases to exist

When the truth is revealed

I am that


What appears to be reality becomes the illusion

And it is through the illusion we can see reality

Illusion being that which was created

And reality the creator


But if the illusion was recorded to be reality

And it was in the Bible

Is then the reality an illusion?


We cannot deny illusion of the creator

For it is recorded

And we certainly cannot deny

The reality of creation

For it is here and includes us


So we see through time

That the illusion is based on reality

And when reality is perceived

The illusion comes to life