When we see the truth
Then we see the meaning of life
Truth gives meaning to life
When I see that I am Christ
I see that not only am I him
But I am us collectively as mankind
Everyone who ever lived, lives or will live
Christ is a way to see the truth
When I see all these as me
Therein lies the glory
Then I see
He did this all for me
He being everyone
And if not for each and every one of us
I would not be here
So if we think life has no meaning
And that our part is insignificant
It is not
When I look back on my life
I see how maybe one thing a person said to me
Helped me on my path
And enabled me to get where I am now
One little thing they may have spoke
Without which I wouldn’t be here
That is the difference we can make
We are here to build each other up
Not tear each other down
Because if one falls
We all fall
If one rises
We all rise
As one