The tiniest particles

Are the building blocks

Of everything that we see


From a wave and a particle

Came everything we see


These two are like Adam and Eve

Who were hiding from God

And now they have been seen


These two are one

From which all came

And cannot be separated 


Wave and particle

When we watch

It acts like a particle

Because we see what we are


If we don’t look

It acts like a wave


So it is a wave

Acting like a particle


Just like

I am a wave

Pretending to be a particle


But I know I am a wave


Like I am pretending to be this body

But I am not

I am pure energy

I only appear as mass


I am not who I appear to be

But if I showed you who I was

Your mind could not comprehend it


But your spirit knows it is true

The least shall be the greatest

Because it is the source