The Mind

The mind has the ability

To remember or forget


Our collective purpose

On this planet

Is to love each other

And see Christ in each other


Some have remembered that

And some have forgotten


Use your mind to remember

That which was in the beginning

St. Matthew 27:46

“…My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”


St. John 17:24

“…for thou loved me before the foundation of the world.”

Word of God

Within the author

Are all his characters

He brings them to life

Through words

On pages in a book


They came from him

And are him

Though seemingly

Separate from him

Actually an extension of himself

Through others

Whom he created in his mind

And brought to life

Through the Word of God


Hebrews 5:9

“And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation…”


Everything and everybody

Whoever was, is or will be,

Even the mind,

Is in consciousness right now

Even though we can’t see it


Before the big bang

Everything and everybody

Whoever was, is or will be

Existed in consciousness


If everything is removed

From consciousness

Because nothing in consciousness is real

Then there is only consciousness

My true self

Surrounded by everything and everybody

That came from me

The source of consciousness

Everything that ever was, is or will be


Maybe there was never a big bang

Maybe instead the self enters consciousness–itself

And the self ceases to exist

And there is only consciousness