Mother Earth

The earth is a living creature

One organism among many

Trying to survive inside the body

Of this vast universe


Word of God

Like a tree bears fruit

A woman bears a child


The Bible bears

The Word of God


The Bible is that tree

Our family tree


And she is that woman

Mother of all living


And the fruit born of her

Is the Word of God

Mother of All Living

She is the mother

Of all living

But has never been born


She is the source

Of everyone

Who has ever lived


We can all trace our line

Back to our mother

And our father

In the garden

These two are one


She is never without

Her master, her lord,

Her husband

Always by his side

There cannot be

One without the other


So that which has never been born

Has given birth to all living

But she has no life of her own


She takes on the form of all living

The form and the formless

She and her husband


Genesis 2:18

“…It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.”