What is the difference

Between two things


Between the physical

And the spiritual


One is temporal

The other eternal


One has form

The other formless


One we can see

One we cannot



These two are

Still the same


If we see a difference

Our perception

Is not aligned

With the eternal



Spirit takes on all forms

She takes on the illusion


Whatever we think is reality

Is how she will appear to us


But she never changes

Only our perception of her


Truth is reality

When we see the truth

We see who we are


Christ never changes

Only our perception of him



Reality influences

Everything we do

And changes us

But reality itself

Never changes


We cannot change reality

Only our perception of it


Like seeing things

For the first time

In the light of a new day


Reality is present


Underlying everything

Influencing all things


There is no place or time

Reality is not 

Just patiently waiting

For us to wake up


Time is nothing more

Than a sequence of events

Each one affecting the other


Through time

Things become things

Yesterday becomes today

Today becomes tomorrow


We all live within time

But perceive differently

Depending on where

We are looking from

At what point in time


Things have a way of

Looking differently

As time passes

The word of God

Does not change

Just our perception of it


The Word of God

Transcends time


The spirit perceives one thing

That being Christ

Who is manifest in many ways

We perceive the same thing

In different ways


How is it there is only one thing to see

Yet each perceives that one thing differently

Why can’t we all see it the same way

How the spirit sees it

Which is in all ways

Therein lies the glory which is Christ


The master who reveals it all

Only to the spirit

Only to the holy

The only one who can see him—his wife

To whom he reveals himself

With whom there is a bond

That cannot be broken


Between these there is no veil

Between these there is no wall

Between these there is no difference

There is only peace

There is nothing between them


No time, no distance,

No object can come between these two

For they have a bond so strong

They can see through what is not there

(That which is perceived by our senses)

To each other

They only see each other

Therefore they did not become

Lost in their senses


Anchored to each other

Through all those

Who came between them

One at the beginning

One at the end