The Mind of Christ

There is no lie in the truth

And no fear in love


Perfect love

Casts out fear

And the truth

Casts out lies


The mind of Christ

Has the power

To cast us into oblivion

Or call us into his glory


I Corinth 2:16

“For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him?  But we have the mind of Christ.”



I took her in like a drug

I let her take me where she would take me

She took me down deep inside myself

And I was able to see things

I would not have otherwise seen,

Had I not followed her


I allowed her to take me to places

I would not have otherwise taken myself

Even to the point of paranoia


She brought me to a comfort zone

Where I stayed for so long

It was safe, comfortable

I had reached a place

Where I wasn’t fighting demons anymore

They had been conquered

With the help of she who made me face them

She who took me deep inside myself

She who helped me overcome my fear

So I would be free to enter into love

Perfect love

(Nothing we know of here, nothing that we see)


I would wait here where I was comfortable

I would wait here until I was called to enter love

I would stay with her

She who brought me here

And wait patiently with her until our love matured




My love took me higher than I could have ever gone

He took me to a place I would not have otherwise gone

Because I followed him

I stayed with him

I waited with him patiently

I never left his side

And so we entered love together