Spirit takes on all forms

She takes on the illusion


Whatever we think is reality

Is how she will appear to us


But she never changes

Only our perception of her


Truth is reality

When we see the truth

We see who we are


Christ never changes

Only our perception of him



The Mind

When your mind

Tells you something

Ask your Self

Is it true


The mind is the

Great deceiver


It is capable

Of deceiving us to see

Things that are

Not really there


The world

The illusion

We have created

Our shared reality


But what about

Our true reality

Our true Self


Not who we appear to be

Not who the mind

Would have us think we are


But our Spirit

Our soul

Who we truly are


That which remains hidden

By the mind

The mind is like a veil

Behind which is the Spirit


The mind is the adversary

Of the Spirit

They war for our soul


Will we give our soul

To the adversary

To use as it pleases


Or will we give our soul

To the Spirit

To fulfill the will of God



Reality influences

Everything we do

And changes us

But reality itself

Never changes


We cannot change reality

Only our perception of it


Like seeing things

For the first time

In the light of a new day


Reality is present


Underlying everything

Influencing all things


There is no place or time

Reality is not 

Just patiently waiting

For us to wake up


What appears to be reality becomes the illusion

And it is through the illusion we can see reality

Illusion being that which was created

And reality the creator


But if the illusion was recorded to be reality

And it was in the Bible

Is then the reality an illusion?


We cannot deny illusion of the creator

For it is recorded

And we certainly cannot deny

The reality of creation

For it is here and includes us


So we see through time

That the illusion is based on reality

And when reality is perceived

The illusion comes to life