The Cross

The cross represents death

As does the tree of knowledge

These two are the same tree

And the word of God

Is the fruit of that tree


He said

Eat my flesh

And drink my blood


And when she did

Her eyes were opened

And she saw her husband

Jesus Christ

And at that instant

She knew all there was to know


“St. John 6:54

“Whoso eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.”




To understand who we are

Which is consciousness,

We who are on the surface of consciousness

Must first travel deep into consciousness

And the many levels of consciousness

To the depths

And within those depths

Into the universe

To earth

Where we find life


We take on a life of our own

Then have to travel inside that life

Through death

And to another life

And on and on and on

Before finally reaching our true self

The source that gave rise

To everything


Then does our true self

Rise to the surface of consciousness

Where we are

Though thoroughly rooted

In that from which it came


No one is lost

We cannot lose ourselves

No one is left behind

We are all connected

To the root of consciousness