What appears to be is not

For it is only temporary

What cannot be seen is real

And is eternal

The formless doesn’t change

Only the form it takes on




Spirit is formless

Until it takes a form

Remaining formless nevertheless

How can we measure

The depth or length or width

Of the formless

That is without boundaries


When the form falls away

There remains the formless

What we cannot see

What is eternal



The love my lord has given me

Cannot be experienced

Between two human beings

For the love we have is spiritual

And can only be experienced

By spiritual beings

We can know that love

That no other human can give us

It comes from the spirit within us

Who is Christ


St. John 24-26

“…for thou loved me before the foundation of the world…And I have declared unto them they name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.”


From the earth

Through the fire

Over the water

Into the darkness

I saw the light



In my vision,

As a spirit,

I went through the fire,

Over the water,

And came out into darkness,

All around me, dark space,

And I saw in the distance far away,

A light, just a pinpoint of light,

And as I looked at the light,

I saw that the light was actually

A bunch of little lights dancing together

I said, God let me forget my life,

And at that moment

I found myself

Standing before a huge eye

That filled my entire field of vision


Wave and particle

When we watch

It acts like a particle

Because we see what we are


If we don’t look

It acts like a wave


So it is a wave

Acting like a particle


Just like

I am a wave

Pretending to be a particle


But I know I am a wave


Like I am pretending to be this body

But I am not

I am pure energy

I only appear as mass


I am not who I appear to be

But if I showed you who I was

Your mind could not comprehend it


But your spirit knows it is true

The least shall be the greatest

Because it is the source