Body of Christ

We spin yarns

Tell tales

Weave tapestries

We create stories

With words

And pictures

We give form

To the formless


This earth is the

House of the Spirit

As our body is the

House of the soul


Our body

Is to be used

To glorify Christ

Not to crucify him

Again and again


Lamb of God

All my life

The Bible has been

A presence in my home


First as a child

We had a huge KJV

And although I could not read

I loved looking at the pictures

And I loved hearing the stories

My Dad told us


Then my grandparents

Gave me my own Bible as a gift

When I was 16

And I vowed to read it before I died

And 17 years later

I finished it


So all my life

The lamb he gave me to feed

I fed him the word of God

Until he ate it all up

And was full


Then did my lord

Come for his lamb


The lamb is my flock

The one he put in my care


St. John 21:15

“…He said unto him, Feed my lambs.”