The master

Has split time

The past 


From the future

By the present


Each second

In succession

Forms a chain

Of one time

The present

Forever connects

The past

To the future


Circle of Life

In linear time

There are those

Ahead of us

And those

Behind us

But when we unite

And stand in a circle

There is not one

In front of

Or behind another

But rather

There is always


Beside you


Life is not linear

It is eternal

And no matter

What path we take

We will end up

Where we started


Revelations 22:13

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

Two Become One

Though it appears

Two are separated

By time and space

They are not


When these two

Transcend time

And remove space

From the equation

Then the two

Become one

Connected directly

They share thoughts


The two act as one


St. Mark 10:8

“And the two shall be one flesh; so then they are no more two, but one flesh.”


We as a people

Have the luxury

Of hindsight


From where we are now

We can reflect back

To the very beginning

Of existence as we know it


Through science

We see the physical world


But through the scriptures

We see the spiritual world


Science has the big bang

As a creation story

Or something out of nothing

To account for our physical being


The Bible also has a creation story

Showing us our spiritual evolution

To reveal to us our spiritual body


Science reaches back to the

Depths of time in space

To find the beginning of time


Likewise through the scriptures

We can reach back

To the depths

Of our spiritual source