The Unknown

We are fascinated

With the unknown

The unseen

That which we know is real

But have no way to prove it


Maybe the unknown

Does not want to be known


Maybe what is a mystery

Wants to remain a mystery


Maybe the mystery

Wants to be left alone

Shrouded in darkness



They tear at her veil

Uncovering her every secret

Bringing to light all that she is


Yet they still remain

Mystified by her

And still do not know her




The basic building block
On which everything is built
She is formless and invisible
And cannot be perceived
But she manifests as
All there is to perceive
As all forms
But none are her
Only brilliant disguises
Which she creates
To veil her reality

II Corinth 4:18
“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

The Mind

When your mind

Tells you something

Ask your Self

Is it true


The mind is the

Great deceiver


It is capable

Of deceiving us to see

Things that are

Not really there


The world

The illusion

We have created

Our shared reality


But what about

Our true reality

Our true Self


Not who we appear to be

Not who the mind

Would have us think we are


But our Spirit

Our soul

Who we truly are


That which remains hidden

By the mind

The mind is like a veil

Behind which is the Spirit


The mind is the adversary

Of the Spirit

They war for our soul


Will we give our soul

To the adversary

To use as it pleases


Or will we give our soul

To the Spirit

To fulfill the will of God



The spirit perceives one thing

That being Christ

Who is manifest in many ways

We perceive the same thing

In different ways


How is it there is only one thing to see

Yet each perceives that one thing differently

Why can’t we all see it the same way

How the spirit sees it

Which is in all ways

Therein lies the glory which is Christ


The master who reveals it all

Only to the spirit

Only to the holy

The only one who can see him—his wife

To whom he reveals himself

With whom there is a bond

That cannot be broken


Between these there is no veil

Between these there is no wall

Between these there is no difference

There is only peace

There is nothing between them


No time, no distance,

No object can come between these two

For they have a bond so strong

They can see through what is not there

(That which is perceived by our senses)

To each other

They only see each other

Therefore they did not become

Lost in their senses


Anchored to each other

Through all those

Who came between them

One at the beginning

One at the end


Body of Christ

This body is the veil

That covers the spirit

It is this body

That allows us

To communicate

The Word of God, the truth

It is this body

That the spirit joins with

To be free


We forget we are a spirit

And think we are this body

But it is while in this body

The mind can remember

It is a spirit

And came here

With a purpose

Then are we free

From death

And live

To do the will of God