Field of Vision

There is a field of vision

I will see you there


Inspired by Rumi



Eye of God

In my vision

While in the spirit

I went through the fire

Over the water

And came out

Into darkness

All around me

Dark empty space


I saw in the distance

Far away

A light

Just a pinpoint of light

Like a star

And as I looked at the light

I saw that the light was actually

A bunch of little lights

Dancing together

I said, God let me forget my life

And at that moment

I found myself

Standing before a huge eye

That filled my entire

Field of vision

Then I woke up


How can one


That which

Cannot be seen


Does he give life

To his vision

Or does he bring

His vision

To life


Can a vision

Be real

If only one

Can see it


Or does the one

Who sees it

Bring that vision

To life

For all to see



That which

Was once unseen


St. Luke 8:17

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest…”