Vision of Christ

My vision has been fulfilled

My life has been but a dream

Now I see what my eyes cannot behold

Glory fills my vision

Christ has come into his own




My vision shows me

All I have created

All that surrounds me

All that I see

The illusion I created

Patterned after me


But my reality

The truth as I know it

That which we cannot see

We can know


And upon knowing reality

Then can I see

That the illusion created

Was patterned after

The reality that I know

Though I knew not

Until I saw the pattern



How is it we see the same thing

A bunch of molecules

Clumped together to make an object

And we all perceive it as the same thing

In that, we are sharing a vision

That which cannot be denied

In that we share a belief


From the viewpoint of earth

In the physical form

We all see the same thing

We all see from the same perspective


We can all agree

That the illusion appears real

On all points

Until it breaks down into tiny particles

And crumbles away

In the face of consciousness


Vision of Christ

We live in the vision of Christ

Where things unseen

Are clearly seen


And those things seen

Are not real

They exist only as a means

To see that which is real


He holds us in his vision

The vision allows us to see Christ

And he sees us through his vision




Christ did not forget

Where he came from

And has remained

Faithful and true

To those who are his—

The holy ones

True to the Holy Spirit


What holds true for Christ

Holds true for the Holy Spirit

They have the same vision

They see the same thing


We are made holy

By his death

Therefore if I am

Other than holy

He died in vain


Hebrews 10:10

“By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

Rev 22:11

“…and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”



From the earth

Through the fire

Over the water

Into the darkness

I saw the light



In my vision,

As a spirit,

I went through the fire,

Over the water,

And came out into darkness,

All around me, dark space,

And I saw in the distance far away,

A light, just a pinpoint of light,

And as I looked at the light,

I saw that the light was actually

A bunch of little lights dancing together

I said, God let me forget my life,

And at that moment

I found myself

Standing before a huge eye

That filled my entire field of vision