Lamb of God

All my life

The Bible has been

A presence in my home


First as a child

We had a huge KJV

And although I could not read

I loved looking at the pictures

And I loved hearing the stories

My Dad told us


Then my grandparents

Gave me my own Bible as a gift

When I was 16

And I vowed to read it before I died

And 17 years later

I finished it


So all my life

The lamb he gave me to feed

I fed him the word of God

Until he ate it all up

And was full


Then did my lord

Come for his lamb


The lamb is my flock

The one he put in my care


St. John 21:15

“…He said unto him, Feed my lambs.”


Word of God

Within the author

Are all his characters

He brings them to life

Through words

On pages in a book


They came from him

And are him

Though seemingly

Separate from him

Actually an extension of himself

Through others

Whom he created in his mind

And brought to life

Through the Word of God


Hebrews 5:9

“And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation…”


Matthew 6:24

“No man can serve two masters…”


Are we slaves to sin

Or servants of God


He sent his word before him

Therefore when he got here

He would be his own master


Do we serve the man who came

Or the one within him

Do we serve Jesus Christ

Or he who sent him


We serve he who was sent

By serving he who sent him

Christ served that within

He who sent him


He who was sent

Is the same

As he who sent him

When we see the one

Whom he sent

We will see

The one who sent him


Christ is

The same as he who sent him

The same as he who receives him




The word was made flesh

The flesh died

But his word lives on


Art: The Holy Spirit by Waiting For The Lord

The truth changes everything

But the truth itself does not change


The truth is the foundation

And the foundation cannot be moved


If we deny the truth

We deny Jesus Christ

He is the word

And within the word

Lies the truth,

And within truth

Lies our salvation


I Corinth 3:11

“For other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”


St. John 8:31-32

“…if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 


Body of Christ

This body is the veil

That covers the spirit

It is this body

That allows us

To communicate

The Word of God, the truth

It is this body

That the spirit joins with

To be free


We forget we are a spirit

And think we are this body

But it is while in this body

The mind can remember

It is a spirit

And came here

With a purpose

Then are we free

From death

And live

To do the will of God